Camino Plus Two Weeks

We’ve been home two weeks now.  The Camino is slowly fading into the mists of things that we have done. J’s feet are healing, although there is lots of dead skin coming off with new “baby skin” showing up underneath. Her toenails are starting to come back. My achilles is still stiff.

Those are all physical things.  There are other things going on as well.  Is it because we were gone as long as we were (in fact the longest time that we have ever been away) that picking up the everyday routines and urgencies again, has been so difficult?  There was a flurry initially as we tried to get the outward bits of our lives back in order (read lawn and flower beds) but that is done and we seem to be back to a sense of waiting for the next thing to happen, knowing that the next thing will not be as significant or important as the last thing.  We had a lot planned for our summer, most of those plans don’t seem so exciting anymore.

I’m sure life will come back to us, order will return, wonder at the ordinary things of life will, here in this place,l again happen, but after two weeks we are still muddling on.  It would be nice, but not practical to go back to Spain, back to 19lbs of belongings, back to meeting new people every day, back to living in the moment.

Unfortunately, life’s not like that.

This could be the Spanish summer wine that J made talking.

Oh….and we are still having a very hard time answering the question “How was your holiday?” in a way that makes sense to anyone who thinks they know about holidays.


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