Doing Penance for Going on a Pilgrimage

I think it was in physics that I learned that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  That statement could likely be boiled down to everything has a cost.

We are paying for our trip to Spain.  We knew there were some costs besides the out-of-pocket expenses and the cost of the actual trip.  In a previous blog post, I had already anticipated some of them.  The ones that I had not figured on are showing up now.

I had not really thought that the lawn and yard would be such a mess.  We had talked about hiring someone to cut the grass, but our lawn is not really the safest lawn to cut. It is steep, there is a pond to contend with, and we have quite a few small trees that I would not want anyone to have to feel bad about cutting off by accident.  So…we left it.  When we returned, the parts that grow well were more than knee-high.  Lawn mowers are not designed to cut that sort of stuff.  We cut it on Friday and again on Saturday. We raked and stacked a lot of hay between cuttings and could likely rake it again now.  It looks better, like someone actually lives here. Hopefully another cutting on Tuesday (tomorrow) will bring it under control.

When we left, it was almost too early to work on the flower beds.  The tulips had just started to bloom. Now it is almost too late.  We spent a couple of hours today pulling weeds and actually found some flowers buried below.  We have more to do and mulch to put down before this job is on track.

These jobs, manual as they are, leave us with time to think.  The Camino is still with us.  We really are having a hard time to get motivated to do the everyday things that need to be done. We might still be able to point the finger at jet lag, but that excuse is starting to get old.

Is normal coming?


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