Dona nobis pacem

Early in the planning for our walk of the Camino de Santiago, it was thought that song might be a part of our journey as a group.  JD, one of the members of the group took it upon herself to make a song book for the trip.  The book included some songs particular to the Camino, mostly in French, as well as a number of well-known Christian hymns and praise songs.  The little book has about 35 pages and has not been used all that much.  We did use it for the Eucharist Service we had a couple of weeks ago and a couple of days later JD, J and I did spend part of an afternoon singing from the book.

For me the song Dona nobis pacem (Latin for “Grant us peace”) has become part of the walk.  I´m not sure that I had ever sung it before.  It is a simple song (the title is all the words) and can be sung beautifully as a round.  Three of us sang it that way as we left the Fenix alberge and since then it has rolled around in my head, coming out as a hum or whistle, sometimes even with the words.

Till today, I did not know what the words meant, they were just sounds to go with the music.  Wikipedia solved that, and I find myself thinking that these words are a wonderful theme for our walk on the Camino.  Grant us peace, peace with the walk, peace with ourselves, peace with each other, peace with the direction of the journey (both in a big and small sense), peace with God´s leading, peace.

For the past 2 weeks virtually no other tune has come out of me.  What is the message in that?  Is there something I should learn here?


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