A Shorter Day

We march on….

Today we covered 15km from Palais de Rie or Melida.  Again we walked lots of hills, saw lots of people, and arrived not quite as tired as yesterday.  It looked like it would rain for much of the day, but never did.  The air was cooler.

Melita Sapin

We are staying in a municipal alberge tonight.  The place has over 200 beds but is set up in such a way that you really don’t notice that it is so big.  the area that we are sleeping in is also the home, tonight, for a group of high school aged kids, their teacher and an ESL teacher who happens to be Canadian from New Brunswick.  They have a lot of energy that we hope wears off at about 8:30.

Yes, 8:30. We have been getting to bed, most nights, before 9:00, falling asleep within minutes to be ready to walk again by 7:00 the next morning.  7:00 may seem early, but if you want to complete your walk before the heat of the day hits, you just need to get going.  Walking early is a little quieter and a little less crowded.

We have about 50 km left to go.  Feet continue to hurt but we will persevere.  The end is not quite in sight, but closer.  I think our entire group is starting to feel the walk and all are anticipating the end.  Others that we meet seem to be quite the opposite, not wanting the experience to be over.

It takes all kinds.


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