25k Today, It Feels a Bit Like Giving Up

Today was a tough day. 25km in hot weather up and down hills that are starting to look all the same with more and more people on the way. We ended the day 63km from Santiago and we start to wonder why we are doing this.  We have walked over 200 km and, I guess like any big project, at some point you may say is the end worth it.  Do we really carry on to finish this thing.  We will but……

Our feet are sore, the sun was tough. At the end of the day it rained, but J and I were safe at our alberge by then. The rest our group was not.  We have yet to see what sort of humour they are in.

We passed this marker today. Every half km they count our way...like birthdays

The excitement of the new landscape that we had at the beginning of the trip is gone.  Every km gives us more of the same, hills, old houses, rock fences, gardens and cows.  The increase in the number of people on the road is decreasing the lure of the trail.  It has also become somewhat more commercial.  Today a woman at a cafe refused to fill our water bottles and forced us to pay 2.5 eruos for a liter of water.

The metaphors keep coming..

Tomorrow will be a new day, hopefully with a new perspective on life, the trail, our feet, and the weather.

Just 63 km to go!!


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