Today we stayed in Sarria.  A number of people have told us that having a rest day is important.  No surprise really. Doesn’t God prescribe one every seven days? His reasons are much the same as those who see the need to stop walking on the Camino.  You need a chance to heal from the travelling of the past, both mentally and physically. It also is a good time to regroup as a community, to share experiences, and to look to the future.

We are 111.5 km from the completion of this adventure.  To earn the Compestella at the end we must walk the last 100km.  Note the word walk. To truly earn the reward there can be no taxi rides. It must be accomplished by our own physical strength.

The alberge fireplace

Today was a good rest. We walked a little bit in the town, looked at the tower and a convent, but mostly we rested.  J’s feet are looking a lot better. I continue to pop Ibuprophin to keep the swelling in my Achilles from recurring.  Every once in a while the pain shows up, but so far, not strong enough to stop the progress.

Today´s alberge

Our alberge is actually a nice place to rest with a wonderful rose garden, an open outdoor/indoor fireplace, and a cool spot just to rest and read.

Tomorrow we journey on.


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