Suffering from Internet Withdrawal

So its been a couple of days since we have been near a working computer. Two nights ago, our alberge had computers, but a storm the previous night had knocked them out.  Last night the medieval Glacian village we shared with well over 150 pilgrims had one pay for use computer in the whole place and it too was broken.  One of the little shops had a computer which was usually the cash register, but was being used by the attendant to shop for a used car, I almost had a break down 🙂

Today’s alberge has free internet.  I should likely not use more than twenty minutes now and maybe sneak back in the middle of the night.  Our own computer is still adding about a pound of wasted weight to my pack.

We have had a couple of the most spectacular days so so om the Camino.  The walk up toO Cabreiro was spectacular.  We climbed 600 meters over the ten kilometer walk, with mountains all around covered in green, and little villages below looking like little toy towns.  The village that we stayed in was a real tourist stop with all the expected trappings.  We emerged from the last of the up hill into a parking lot with a tour bus in it.  This village has the oldest church on the route as well as a restored medieval Galatian home, and of course the requisite tourist shops.

We slept in a municipal alberge with 48 other people in the room. Bonus was that J and I got adjoining bunks and could zip our sleeping bags together.

Today we climbed back down those 600 meters. Not as easy as going up as the trail had recently been washed out by heavy rains leaving a lot of loose stones (and not round ones) in the path. My feet are doing well, J is struggling a bit.

We have now walked 140 km. Mostly still having a good time.

Ahhhh….now I feel better


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