A New Day in a New Place

We walked again today. According to the map and the route descriptions it was about 24 km.  It seemed further, but was very different from the walking we did earlier.

The country side has changed. We are now walking through big hills covered with vineyards.  The cherry trees are full of red cherries.  We watch some of our fellow pilgrims run off the trail and fill their hands with the ripe fruit.  It doesn´t seem right that those on a religious pilgrimage (if that is what they are on) would steal fruit on the way.

The other big change is that we are now without our guide. Because our group was small the tour company could only supply us with a guide for the first week.  This leaves us planning a bit on our own.  On top  of that our accommodation for this next week is not reserved so we need to hope that we can find space in the alberges in the towns that we are heading for.

Today, J and I, along with one of the others from the group arrived in town first and decided to check into the Fenix alberge, a very traditional venue.  It is a cool spot.  They really do take care of pilgrims here.  It has started to rain and the staff has gone and taken all of our laundry off the line and hung it inside for us.  Its amazing, when you are living with 19 lbs of stuff, how little things can make such a difference.

Half the group is far behind us, we have been able to reserve a place here for them. It will be interesting to see what mood they are in as they arrive in the rain.

Both J and I are still struggling with our feet a bit. (J more than me). We feel in good company though as we watch other pilgrims limp along the road.  Likely 50% of the people we see are walking with an unnatural gait.

Tomorrow, we need to go 28 km, up a steep hill at the end, and it sounds like it may be in the rain.

Still having fun.


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