A Rest Day

We slept a little uneasily last night, worrying about J´s feet, thinking about the stress of running around last night trying to find new sandals…..

In the end, all worked out.  We were the first ones through the door of the shoe store this morning, and not the one that we were headed to last night.  We found a more suitable one on our way to breakfast.  The lady in the store spoke English (bonus) and was very helpful and very quick.  We bought sandals, J left the box behind, put them on and off we went to the cathedral of Leon for a quick tour and then on to the bus station for the two-hour bus ride to Ponferrado and a hostel with 210 beds.

We are in a room with just our group, making it seem not quite so large, but it is amazing to see the pilgrims flocking into this place, sweating, hot, looking for a bed.  We feel a little bad that we only walked the 2 km from the bus station.

There is a famous castle here.  We saw it from the road as we walked but are planning to use the rest of the day for what it was meant for…rest and not a lot of touring around town.

Our tour guide leaves us today as did the class prof who is suffering from a damaged achilles tendon. The prof has walked a bit with us on his air cast and gets this look of longing on his face every time we leave him on the trail to go to his taxi.  He has gone for a week to France and will be back next week.

The eight of us will soldier on.


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