Walking again today.

We are told that, for many, the walk is both a physical and psychological challenge.  Today we felt some of both.  The area of Spain that we are moving through is a place of huge hills with endless fields of wheat and barley growing in the valleys and as far up the hills as can be safely cultivated. It is beautiful, but, it just goes on and on and on.

We continue to walk

Everyone in this area of Spain lives in the villages.  There are no farmsteads to look at and, since all the fields are planted, (wheat is coming out in head) there is no one working in the fields either. About the only people we see are pilgrims, either on foot or riding mountain bikes. Psychologically, it is tempting to call a taxi and skip this part. (we actually sort of do that after our walk tomorrow).

Physically the walk is demanding as well.  Today, the wind blew, mostly on our back, but it made the walk a cold one.  We had some steep hills and some of the trail is uneven, rutted by walkers and cyclists who have had to negotiate the route in the rain. After two days of just over 20km our muscles are sore and J has a couple of very bothersome blisters.

The day ended with a wonderful pilgrim’s meal in a resturant near our alberge. Where else in the world can you get a three course meal,(I had garlic soup, ribs, and a serving of sheep cheese), along with as much wine as you can drink, for  11 euros ($16.50)

We will persevere.


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