Edmonton Airport, Heading Home

My time in Edmonton is over. It did not turn out exactly the way that I had planned, but, in the end was a fine experience.

Changes to plans started on Sunday night when I went to pick up my rental car.  I got to the rental agency just before it closed because the flight to Edmonton was a little late.  My reservation was there and the helpful woman started working on my rental agreement.  All went well until she asked for my driver’s license.  I got out my wallet and was really surprised, at first, to see that it was not there.  I had taken it out in the afternoon and photocopied it for another project I was working on. It was still in the office at home.  No license, no car.

I got a taxi to the hotel.

In the end, no car was not a bad thing.  The manager of the Edmonton facility where I was doing training is an old friend and was more than happy to ferry me arround with not a quiet moment in all of our time together.  As he dropped me off at the airport he jokingly said that next time I should be smarter about my license.  I reminded him that we would not have had such a good time together if I had remembered it.

Training went well, at least from the response from my students.  We basically did about 12 hours of workshop style question and answers.  At the end I was tired.

I also had a chance to have supper with R and JW last night.  Other than sitting for a while on two opposite sides of Boston Pizza not realizing that the other had arrived, we had a good visit and look forward to seeing them again in August.

So…its back to Hebrew flash cards while I wait for my flight and on the flight …….


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