Sitting in the Calgary Airport

So I’m stretching my Easter Sunday.  This year it will be 26 hours long and I think I will be tired by the end of it. The entire weekend has been busy with more work done on the youngest daughter’s dusty house. This weekend they moved in.

Now I’m sitting at the Calgary airport on my way to Edmonton to do a couple of days of training for my primary consulting client. I’ll be back home on Wednesday evening.

I sometimes feel like I lead a sort of a double life.  Almost schizophrenic. I spend a lot of time thinking about God things, theology, Biblical studies, seminary, church, oh, and don’t forget Hebrew, and then I need to be able to change gears and focus on some activities and skills that I have that can help to pay the bills.  I am actually very fortunate that the skills that I have are unique enough to be of considerable value to those who hire me. Hopefully that will continue, at least through to the end of the MDiv program, and maybe even beyond as we continue to struggle to see the end of this journey that I am on with my best friend.  Today, we got another glimpse of what could be, with a job posting in our church bulletin.  The posting was a position that I have sometimes talked about being “right” for us.  Unfortunately, the time is wrong.

So….we travel on.  I spent much of the 4 hour flight working on Hebrew.  I should have another 100 words by Thursday and be able to do some fancy things with verbs.



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