Is Spring Here Now?

Last week it looked like spring had arrived in western Ontario. Lawns were turning green and by Thursday the fields were dry enough that our neighbours were our working ground and planting seeds.  The weekend put a quick end to that with lots of rain on Saturday and a snow storm on Sunday.  This morning looks promising again.

It’s in spring and summer that I most keenly miss farming. Spring is especially difficult. I suppose I am remembering springs on the farm through rose-coloured glasses, but this time of year is a time filled with new hope and excitement.  The feeling of accomplishment in working up and seeding a field along with the anticipation of seeing those first sprouts struggling out of the ground cannot be replaced

There were stresses involved as well, stresses involving weather, time, finances and a myriad of other things, but, they were there in other seasons as well.  In spring those stresses are very much covered by the feeling of hope, of new life, of new beginnings.

Oh, I do have my yard and we have started cutting next fall’s firewood both of which give me a chance to be outside watching new shoots and fresh flowers, but it’s not quite the same as when your life is as wrapped up in all of it as it is when you are farming.  I miss it.


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