The Good Life

I’m just about exhausted.

The semester is coming to a close with just a few weeks to finish more than a few papers. Today, I have the whole day ahead of me and I’m having a hard time getting going.

Tuesday (yesterday) is my big day. I need to be in class by 8:30 am, over an hour from home, and my third, three hour, class of the day ends at10pm. Inside that time period there is also an hour and a half choir practice, which is also part of a class. You should not get the impression that I am whining.  My life is far superior to what it was a year ago when I would also be exhausted, and angry, and discouraged, and  (I could go on….) but could not see any purpose in getting that way.  Today, the stress is gone. My exhaustion has everything to do with a lack of sleep. I’m not angry.

At noon, we have chapel.  Its only twenty minutes, but does provide a place of quiet and reflection in the middle of the day. Yesterday, not so much, since I was leading the service. We focused on Lament, bracketed the service with responsive readings from Psalm 19 and 23 and sang one song: O God, Why are You Silent.

I shared the same message (modified for context) as I used in September for my examination at classis. There is something about that message.  At the classis meeting a number of people said that the message was meaningful for them, touched their hearts. Yesterday the reaction was even more profound. Not only did people talk about it with me in the worship space after the service, it was discussed over lunch and came up in both of my following classes. One person asked for the script to share with a friend.  This is in sharp contrast to my last post. The difference may be that I have become very much a part of the seminary community.

The community we have together at our small seminary is great.  The student body is small enough for intimacy but large enough to promote good discussion.  The faculty are accessible and work hard to make sure that every student succeeds.  It feels a bit like family.


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