Inshallah (God Willing)

I belong to a choir at the seminary called Inshallah.  This choir, as I understand it, came out of a trip that was organized by the seminary to Israel a few years ago.  This group sang with people there, found a connection through song and wanted to bring that connection home.  From small beginnings the choir has grown to over seventy voices.

The music we sing is almost exclusively “global song” often from the south, but from other places as well.  Along with African songs, we sing pieces from Korea, China, Thailand, Brazil, Guatemala, and many more, often in the language in which the song was originally written.

In this context the question is asked “What is Canada’s contribution to global spiritual music?”.  So we’ve gone looking.  In this video the choir sings A Song for Advent by Joyce Olesen and Sten Olesen. “A Song for Advent” is the first place winner in the national hymn-writing competition for 2010.

As you can see, we have fun.  It’s an invigorating hour and a half every Tuesday, right before supper.  That evening we sang two other new Canadian pieces, one of which was commissioned particularly for Inshallah.  Neither one of these pieces have ever been performed before.

Cool Huh?


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