February came this week.  In fact it came roaring in with a storm that tuned out to be bigger for the places where it was not supposed to be and smaller for the Ontario cities where it was supposed to wreak havoc.  I left class early Tuesday night to beat the storm, and I did.  Wednesday we went nowhere because the plows had been pulled of the road.  We did get some neighbors in for supper.  By then the storm was over.

February marks the middle of the semester.  Lots of papers are due, lots of reading needs to be done.

I will preach once this month, next Sunday in Guelph.  J and I were members of the Guelph CRC from 1980 to 1982.  R was baptized there. Some of the folks that we went to church with then are still there. It may be cool to see them again.

Threefold consulting carries on.  Since I do most of my work for the company that once employed me, they supply me with a cell phone so that there was no break in service for their customers.  This week they “accidentally” disconnected the phone because the person in charge was pretty sure that I no longer worked for the company (its been 8 months).  A bit of a waste of time getting it up and running again.  Every week I seem to be able to fit in at least a day and a half of sheep and goat nutrition work which keeps my hand in and pays for a bunch of things including groceries.

This was about February though wasn’t it? I don’t really like it.  While winter usually doesn’t bother me, it is starting to get long.  I’d really like to get my bike out of the shed, maybe even cut the grass and work on some flower beds.

While everyone else seems to be going south, we continue to blow snow.


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