We Live in a Wonderful Place

This past week we have been reminded again that we have a wonderful place to live.  Oh, we could complain about the snow (and we do) and the cold (-17C this morning).  We might even complain about our relative isolation, (17km to town, 100km to a mall) but we don’t.

When we sold our dairy farm, six years ago, we never even considered moving to town.  In fact, we really didn’t consider moving out of the area.  We enjoy our community, are embraced by our church, we feel comfortable in northern Huron County.

The property we live on is a farm, but not really a working one.  We have 100 rolling acres, lots of bush and swamp for walking trails,   some crop land that we rent to a neighbour, the only neighbour we can see.

Being isolated and quiet brings wildlife.  Last Sunday, we watched 14 deer from our sun porch as they made their way across the farm and back again.

Turkey heading into the bush after digging for its breakfast.

A group of turkeys has been digging in the snow looking for corn cobs with a few kernels left.  They dig so deep that you don’t see them until they come up from their “foxholes”.  Every morning our lawn is covered with rabbit tracks.  Our bird feeders are busy with chickadees, woodpeckers, blue jays, sparrows and juncos.  Clouds of cedar waxwings visit our juniper trees.  Crows wake us up in the morning.

Twenty seven years ago, our journey led us to this area.  Over the years we have moved around in the area but never from it.  Is that a bad thing?


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