Psalm Thoughts

I’ve started another blog.

This one is in response to an assignment for my Contextual Leadership class.  We were asked to begin a new, or revive an old, self-care habit for the semester.  At the end of the term we are to write a reflective essay on the value and success or lack there of, of the activity.  The prof had a few examples of activities that would fit including journaling, yoga, daily devotions, long walks in the woods etc.

I decided on another blog.  This one will walk through the Psalms.  I intend to copy and paste the passage into the blog in the morning, spend the day with it, and make some sort of journal entry in the evening.  I’ve been at it a week and so far I am able to keep to that routine. My journal entries are not long and, so far anyway, not theologically earth shattering.

I invite you to join me.  If you would like to use the comment feature to write your own response to the psalm, or to my words, feel free. You can find your way to the blog here


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