Blowing It

One of my major pastimes/jobs in the winter is blowing snow.  Our home is situated in such a way to Lake Huron that if it is snowing anywhere in Western Ontario it will be snowing here.  There are many days when my first ten miles to the seminary are very snowy and then, like coming out from under a blanket the snow will be gone.

Our driveway is relatively long with a significant hill in it.  If it is not kept clean it soon becomes impassable.  So, we blow the snow out of it, sometimes more than once a day.

Fortunately we have good equipment for the job.  Shortly after we moved here, we traded out big farm tractor, with no cab, for a smaller “estate” tractor with a cab.  No longer does blowing snow require bundling up in layers and layers of clothing.  No longer is an understanding of wind direction an important factor in operator comfort. Now we blow snow in running shoes and a jacket while listening to CBC on the radio.

I actually enjoy the job.  There is something rewarding about putting things the way they should be, about battling the elements and winning.

This evening I am filling my first preaching assignment since I was Licensed to Exhort by our classis back in September.  There is a little bit of trepidation about the whole thing.  I’ve preached before so that is nothing new.  In fact the sermon I will give is not a new one.  I think it’s just the difference in place and the unknowns that I feel I will face in terms of expectations.

I know that once I get started it will be fine.  Preaching is a bit like blowing snow.  I will present the words that I feel God has led me to say tonight, in effect throw them into the air, but like the wind takes my snow where it wants, even though I aim at a certain spot, the Spirit will take those words and drives them to the place that He needs them to go tonight.

If I can keep that in front of me, the trepidation will be gone.


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