We continue our whirlwind lives.

J and I returned last night from a weekend in Edmonton.  Yes, you read right, Edmonton in winter.  And winter it was.  We got a taste of the cold that the prairies are known for along with unusual amounts of snow.  The cartoon in Monday’s Edmonton Journal shows a toque sticking out of a snow bank waving a white flag.  While the city likely does not have the title of the most buried place in Canada it may get the award for doing the worst job of clearing streets. We had our rental car stuck twice over the weekend.  Most of the residential streets are not plowed.

This operation started outside our hotel room at around 12:30 Sunday night and seemed to continue till morning.


Of course, we weren’t there to enjoy the weather.  We did enjoy the company of our daughter and son-in-law, R and JW, and were invited to participate in what they call “feast”.

“Feast” needs explanation. R and JW have a friend who loves to cook.  Of course, if you love to cook you need people to cook for.  He has solved this problem by hosting what is, in a sense, a weekly open house.  Every Friday night, he cooks whatever is catching his fancy right now (this week it was everything cilantro), people are perpetually invited and from five to fifteen will show up.  Lively conversation is enjoyed along with good food.  It’s a wonderful idea for building a community of friends.

While we were gone, it snowed at home as well.  the driveway was full.


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