Back to Class

My holiday is over.  December was a good break with lots of Christmas and New Year’s gatherings as well as time to put Threefold Consulting back in the field.  My last class was December 1, so I was away from academics for a little more than a month.  At the beginning of the Theology II class, the prof tried to do a little review/summary of what we had learned last semester.  The blank stares that he received from many in the class would tell me that I was not the only one who has trouble retaining things for more than  24 hours.

It was good to go back to class.  I have built some cool relationships with classmates and profs, so it was nice to catch up with these folks again. My classes are much the same as last semester since two of them are carrying on to finish after a full academic year and two others are new courses but actually just part II with the same prof in the same time slot.

The only really new course is the Contextual Leadership course.  It will happen on five full Fridays over the semester.  The class is made up of the same folks that were in the Contextual Church Education class last semester, the instructor changes.

This semester will have more writing than the last one.  Reading the Bible Text and Context now has a text-book.  The prof’s solution to making sure that we read it, is to have us write a one to two page essay on the content of each chapter.  There are thirty-four chapters; you can do the math.  This course and Global Song will also have major essays this semester adding to the load.  Theology and History have virtually identical writing loads (five papers each) compared to last semester in fact the outline for the History course is exactly the same just in a different era.

Did I mention the books?  I do love new books.  I bought fourteen new ones yesterday and thought that I did really well getting away with just less than$300.

I may still do Greek this semester as well.  The academic committee at the seminary decided that the Prof who would be able to do a directed study with me, was too busy.  He disagrees with their decision and would really like to see me get started so that I can get the two languages and the exegesis courses that go with them and still potentially finish my program by May of 2013 to the standards of Calvin seminary.  I am meeting with the Academic Dean on Friday to discuss the situation.

I bet all of you are jealously wishing you could be doing all these fun things with me. 🙂

Its actually feeling a little overwhelming.  I remember this same feeling last semester and I did make it through, just fine.  I just need to remember that this is all part of a journey, and journeys happen one step at a time.


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