2010 Almost Gone…Fondly Remembered

Tonight we will say farewell to 2010.

Some years couldn’t leave fast enough.  2010 will not be one of those.  We have been blessed in many ways  this past year and as it comes to a close, we pray that those blessings will extend to 2011.

2010 was also a year of great change for us.  Those of you who follow this blog regularly are aware of the good changes that happened in our lives. Leaving a job that was taking its toll both emotionally and physically was a highlight.  The consulting business which replaced that job has been very successful and has allowed us to enjoy a very flexible lifestyle.  The transition to being a full-time MDiv student has gone well with excellent marks in the first full-time semester.

J and I have been able to enjoy a lot more time together.  We have cycled over 3000km together, spent a week canoeing, time camping together and have been able to spend lots of time together doing things at home.  Now when the Blackberry rings there is not the same feeling of intrusion because the company no longer owns my life.

We were concerned that leaving full-time employment and going to school full-time would severely hamper our income.  Since the area in which I consult is so specialized, this has not become an issue.  The phone keeps ringing, and sheep and goat farmers continue to seek my nutritional expertise, again, on my terms.

This year, our youngest daughter was married.  While our son is still single (there is a pretty serious relationship ongoing now) this wedding felt like  the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  Our kids are really and truly out on their own.  The wedding itself was memorable for its own reasons, what it symbolizes is even more significant.

My struggle with calling continues.  The change in my educational path and my acceptance into Calvin Seminary’s EPMC program is opening future doors. I am excited about the journey ahead, as I work my way toward those doors.  If and how I walk through those doors is still a mystery to me.

We have much to be thankful for.

We wish all of you a happy and blessed New Year


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