Christmas is Past

It’s over for another year.  It seems that, while the anticipation of the season builds slowly, it is just suddenly over and the emptiness of the next four months till Easter lays in front of us.  It feels a bit depressing.

Our house is quiet today.  Our son (B) arrived a week ago, worked through jet lag acquired on his trip from India.  Our youngest daughter (N) and her husband came on Christmas eve. Our oldest daughter joined us through the wonders of video Skype on Christmas day from Edmonton.  It was nice to be together.

Christmas day began with a church service. Pastor R found a dramatic reading that made up the bulk of the service.  She asked N and I to help her out with this.  It was a cool experience.  N is a good reader and we pulled the whole thing off with virtually no practice.

Then there was the food.  Christmas dinner was a leg of lamb.  The lamb came

Christmas Dinner

from a good friend and colleague who would be mortified if we ever ate New Zealand lamb.  J cooked it perfectly.  Along with good wine and chocolate cake for dessert, who could want more?

Of course, we had more, and now the weight loss plans are going to have to kick in.

Boxing day was a big breakfast followed by a brisk snowshoe walk in the bush and then J’s family Christmas in Rockwood.

Today it is quiet here.  B went home to Toronto with N.  We will join them there for a day in the city before B gets back on a plane to go home to San Fransisco.

I wonder if there is some symbolism to be found in the bleak, empty, cold days that stretch between now and Easter?  Somehow, it seems that Easter should be the bigger celebration, a victory celebration.  Christmas, the coming of the savior, the beginning of the battle, gets the bulk of our attention.  Is it just because Christmas is more easily commercialized?


One thought on “Christmas is Past

  1. Merry Christmas, Farminarian! The last paragraph of your blog post reminded me of a poem by Steve Turner, “Christmas is Really for the Children” ( I first read this poem in calligraphy by Timothy Botts, and I have always liked it. I searched for it online but couldn’t find it at Timothy Botts’ website. Maybe I’ll contact him and see if I can locate it.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

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