It’s Snowing, But We’re Warm

It continues to snow here.  No sooner does one storm system move out than another one moves in. All sorts of events are cancelled for tonight.  We have cancelled youth group as well.  Getting out on the roads with heavy snow on the ground and less than ideal visibility just isn’t worth it.

I grew up in this area, and while I don’t really appreciate the uncertainty that winter weather brings to life, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  There’s something about going into the storm and coming out the other side  that is satisfying.  Sure there are discomforts, possibly some shortages of supplies (not often), and that eventual feeling of cabin fever, but the freedom that comes with having your schedule taken away in a no fault kind of way, is worth it.  There’s likely a metaphor of some sort in this.

We are nice and warm.  The propane tank was filled last week.  Last month we put in another wood stove. It is in the living room about 30 feet away from the original one in the sun room.  Today we are just running the one in the living room and it is around 24 degrees Celsius in here.  It’s only minus 3 outside.  We’re thinking that once colder weather comes these two stoves are going to be about perfect.

The new Jotel stove

The thinking behind the second stove was two-fold.  First, the stove we have has been great in the room that it is in, but isolated enough from the rest of the house that it  makes that room hot while not really warming the rest.  With this one on board the whole house gets warm.  Secondly, we have a lot of wood so it really seemed silly to be buying propane to heat the house.  Sixty acres of bush gives us more wood than we can hope to use.  We will continue to rely on propane to take the chill off in the morning and to heat our water.

For now the wind is coming up, snow is coming down, the driveway is full, and we are warm and cozy.


One thought on “It’s Snowing, But We’re Warm

  1. K has added a picture of the stove to his blog, but I would like everyone to know that the stovepipe is straight and the floor in our house is level. The skill of the photographer seems to be a little less than ideal. However, ashes, dust, wood boxes, and newspaper seems to be a normal part of life with a wood stove.


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