The Semester is Over

Our new bird feeders, and yes the deck railing is almost buried!

I drove to Waterloo yesterday, through some pretty snowy weather, to hand in the last paper of the semester.  Classes ended last week with a lot of papers due in the last class.  This one was supposed to be like that too, the prof had mercy and gave us into what they call “grace week” to get it in.  Initially, I thought I would try to get them all done at the time they were originally due, but now I am happy that I left this paper.

The paper was a reflective essay for my church education course.  It was to be the longest paper that had been assigned, 12 to 15 pages.  There was some initial confusion over the length.  The syllabus says 12 to 15 pages. In class, when discussing what she was looking for, the prof said 1500 words and then backed off that when informed that six pages is 1500 words.  In the end it took me 4300 words to do the job.

Reflective essay means that you should describe your own experiences with the material.  You get to use the word “I”.  It might not take as much research, but, the assignment was to reflect on the course readings and content.

I’m glad I took the time to work on it.  there were some themes that were good to explore, especially in the context of education and direction for our own church.  There is a lot more to church education than Sunday School and the concept of the people as the curriculum has got my attention.

Now I have most of a month off.  I’ll catch up on some consulting work, read some books, and enjoy the holiday season.

Next semester will be tougher.  I’ve been accepted into the EPMC (Ecclesiastical Pathway to Ministry Candidacy)  pilot program through Calvin Seminary and the CRCNA.  They require Greek and Hebrew which WLS did not.  I’ve been taking Reading the Bible Text and Context which is WLS’s answer to the language issue but now I have set up a directed study to learn Greek as well.  So, in the winter I will be taking more than a full course load.

I might try to get the Hebrew started next fall.



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