My theology class spends a lot of time, as it should, looking at the ideas and issues of theology through history.  We look at God, the Trinity, the Bible, among others through the eyes of history’s great philosophers and theologians.  We study the progression of thought and the metamorphosis of what becomes our creeds and confessions.  I find it interesting and exciting until we hit what is known as the post modern era, and then I just get confused.

I think my theology may be stuck in, at best, the modern era and maybe even in the pre-modern.  The pre-modern theologian is good with mystery, good with epic tales, good with a world filled with of good and bad spirits.  The modern world wants to be able to put ducks in a row, understand how things work, put science around things, find the order in the world, and get everyone to agree on a single answer to the question.   The post modern rebels against both those ways of looking at the world.  Every question can have multiple answers,   the big stories are no longer appreciated as a source of truth,  there may be many paths to the top of the mountain.

In each of the essays we do for the theology class, we need to position the topic in relation to the post modern world.  How does it see the Bible, God, Jesus, truth, church?  I have no issue showing the negative side of these issues.  My problem is putting what I know as the church into this post modern culture.  My prof is not drawing the picture that the is church heading for a serious problem with the culture (in the western world anyway) but I am drawing that conclusion.  Can we continue on the road that we are on or does the message need to change to fit the culture?  Is it the message that needs to change or just the delivery system? Do we carry on in the way we have in a world that does not accept that there is only One Way?  What does a post modern church community look like?

He’s got me asking questions which I think was the goal.  My issue now is, how far outside of the box can I think or accept?


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