Down to the Last Week

The semester is coming to a close.  The last week has been sort of frantic with paper writing.  There were five papers due on either the 30th or the 1st.  Two of them were major assignments, the other three were pieces that need to be done for courses that carry on into next semester. Still, a big pile at the end.

Since nothing was due this week, I moved the due dates for two of the assignments, for myself, to this week.  I handed them in so that I would not be tempted to go back to them to make them better.  They are gone.  So I am left with three.  One of those, a history paper on Pelagius (try to stay awake, it really is exciting stuff) is about half done.  A theology paper on Jesus and his stumbling blockedness is also due Tuesday and is causing me some trepidation because the last paper for this class earned me a lower mark than the previous three and I’m not exactly sure why.  The prof for the contextual ministry class gave us all a reprieve last week and moved her due date to the seventh of December so once the other two are done, I will start on hers.

It’s a lot of stuff.  Along with that Threefold Consulting was getting a bit behind, so I needed to spend today working at things there to catch up.

Pelagius….here I come!!!!


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