1 Peter 3:15 (II)

Yesterday was a busy day, in fact the whole weekend was a little over the top.

Saturday was the wedding of the daughter of one of our good friends and our daughter’s best friend (not two people).  We had a great time at the wedding and with the extra guests that stayed at our house,  by the time we got to bed it was 2:00 am.

I led the service Sunday morning in Lucknow.  If you are interested in watching the service the video is here.  The service went well, I was whipped by the end. It’s a good whipped, but I don’t get the same feeling doing even longer talks about sheep feed.  We rushed home and fed our guests burgers.

By one o’clock I was back on the road to Waterloo for a music workshop and concert/worship service with the seminary choir Inshallah and a guest choir Hilariter from Toronto.  Again, a good time.  Inshallah is a choir of about 60 voices.  The tenor section is quite small so, being a baritone, I push a bit and hit the high notes.  Only 4 tenors showed up for the event so it was likely a good thing I was there, but, by the time I got home that night I was totally done.

That 1 Peter passage says I need to be ready to tell people why I do the things I do when they ask.  I might be too tired to answer right now.


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