Biking is Over

Yesterday was an unseasonablely warm day and J and I got our bikes out for one last ride.  We donned our cycling clothes and did our customary 20km ride from here to St H and back.  While it was good to be back on the bikes (last time in Ontario was Thanksgiving and we did ride in San Francisco) it really did not feel right.  The sun was in the wrong place in the sky, it was not quite warm enough, and I actually felt just a little conspicuous in my cycling jersey and shorts.

J Riding in "the county"

We rode a lot this year, by past standards anyway.  The road bikes got a little less use this year than last clocking in at 955km.  The touring bikes, which were new this spring have 2215km on them with our ride to Pelee Island and the circuit around Lake Ontario along with training runs before those trips.  We also have a tandem that we picked up late in the summer that has 245km on the odometer. So That’s just less than 3500 km for the year about 3 times what we did last year.

Last night we celebrated the end of the season with a group of our local cycling friends.  It was great to share stories and to realize what a gift it is to be able to get out, exercise and meet new people along the way.

We’ve started planning for next summer already.


2 thoughts on “Biking is Over

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