It’s Snowing


This is last winter out our dining room window

Today is November 5 2010 and we are getting our first snowfall of the season.  There was a day earlier this week when if you looked outside at just the right time, held your head just right, closed one eye and squinted with the other, you could have said it was snowing.  Today, all those things are not required.  Snow is falling and the deck looks like it is growing mold.  The weather is not cold enough for the snow to stay, but, it is a sign of things to come.


I really don’t mind.  I enjoy the changing of the seasons, watching creation move through its cycle of life and death, hope and grief, work and rest.

I enjoy those days when you cannot do anything because you are snowed in again.  They remind me that I am not really in control, that my agenda is not the most important thing, that there are some things that I cannot change. They remind me that I am human and God is God

When we visit San Francisco, those who have moved there from the “north” say they miss the seasons.  While it is nice to be able to continue to ride our bikes every day, go outside without heavy winter clothing, not to have to worry about getting stuck in the snow, I would miss it too.

We are ready….let it come.


One thought on “It’s Snowing

  1. I love snow too! I love playing in it, walking through it, shoveling it, and watching it glitter in the cone of light from the street lamp in the parking lot across my street. I love a white Christmas! The past few winters here in Chicago have been mild and dry, so I’m hoping for snow storms this year!

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