So now we are sick

I have a cold.  I’m not really very good at being sick, I don’t like it.  Apparently I make disgusting noises with my throat and my nose.  I can sing a whole octave lower than before, but have a bit of trouble with the high notes. I still have stuff to do, things to read, papers to write.  So I make disgusting noises, moan and groan (sympathy please) and toil on.

The sickness came from the airplane.  Last weekend we visited our son J in San Francisco.  It was a great visit even though it rained much of the time we were there.  We ate Mexican food, fancy donuts, expensive lamb.  We visited the art gallery and  bunch of stores.  We cycled around the city and were introduced to disc golf.  We met an interesting young woman.  We went to church with our son and were blessed.

We did all of this after a five-hour flight and before a four and a half hour flight.  Both of these flights must have had a number of sick people on them and we all shared in that cesspool of atomized human particles.  That doesn’t even count the guy I sat beside whose halitosis was bad enough to knock over an elephant.  We both got sick.  J suffered a gastrointestinal complaint that seems to have passed and left her as good as new.  I got the cold which seems a little better today but is hanging on for all it’s worth.

It was still worth it.  If we could we’d jump on the plane and go again this weekend.


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