Personal Statement 2

Back in August of 2009, I posted the Personal Statement that was required as part of my application to seminary.  I think every seminary likely has such a statement as part of their application process, so this page has become one of the most popular in my blog because people are looking for the words that it takes to get in.

Since my move to the MDiv program and my desire to open doors, I had the pleasure of applying to the seminary of my own denomination.  This caused another personal statement to be created.  Each seminary gives an outline of what they would like to see in that statement, so I don’t think mine would be all that helpful to anyone else, but I will post it here anyway, just so you  can get to know me better.

Personal Statement of Faith

I have been a member of the Christian Reformed Church all of my life. My earliest memories are of our church community, church services, and a life that revolved around the schedule of the church.  I was in grade five when that life of the church became mine and I realized that the Holy Spirit was pointing me toward my Savior.  Since that time I have been an active participant in my church community and have grown in faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

My view of God is difficult to put to paper.  There are just not enough words or concepts available. God is the beginning and the end.  He was here before anything was and will be here in the end as well. He reveals himself to us through creation, his handiwork and in his gift of the The Word, the Bible.  God seeks to be in a relationship with his people.

Sin breaks that relationship. God in his grace, sends his son, Jesus Christ, fully man yet also fully God, to take his just punishment for my sins.  He does that through his death on the cross following a time of preaching and teaching in which he provides us with an example of a life lived for God.  Through him we are reconciled with God as if we had never sinned.

The Holy Spirit is in the world today and came following Jesus ascension to heaven.  The Holy Spirit acts as a comforter, always pointing toward the Savior as the way to relationship with the Father.

These three persons make up one God in the Trinity.  Each person having its own role, and yet being part of the other.  All equal with each other.

I come to this application to CTS as a mature student.  I am fifty one years of age.  I have already experienced three careers, all in the agricultural industry.  I have been active in the churches that we have been a part of, often in the area of youth ministry, but also serving on various church committees and most recently as an elder. Through these many activities the gifts that God has given me have grown.  I am recognized as a speaker, a teacher and a leader both in my church and the wider community.  I have been blessed.

I have been particularly blessed in my work with the youth of our church and in the wider community of churches.  God has given me gifts of teaching through which I have been able to instruct our youth so that over time their faith grows.  Seeing them make our faith their own gives me a particular sense of joy knowing that in some way God has used my meager gifts to water a seed which had been planted long ago.

And so, I continue the journey.  God has been good to me and I continually seek to realize what it is that he is calling me to do with my life today and over the coming years.


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