Fall is in Full Swing

Today was a beautiful fall day.  Right now the sun is setting and the sky to the west is a fuchsia pink that is setting the reds and yellows of the trees off nicely.  I like fall days with cooler morning temperatures and that crisper cleaner feeling to the air.

I should be outside, gardening maybe.  The lawn has continued to grow and is getting a bit ahead of me.  The flower beds should be dealt with, dead stuff needs to come out and the bulbs should be moved around.  There are a couple of seedling trees that have grown up with the flowers that I would like to move to a better place in the lawn. An iris bed that I had intended to move by now.  The list goes on.

All this should get done, but instead, I am inside writing about a Chinese hymn (1500 words) and Pelagius (annotated bibliography).  I also need to read a couple of hundred pages before Tuesday morning. Next week there is a Greek assignment due. (I thought that I wouldn’t have to learn Greek, but that has changed).  I need to write an analysis of today’s childrens story (if you would like to see it go to http://www.lucknowccrc.ca/service it starts at about 28 minutes) Doing the story was challenging,and fun.

Things feel better than they did a couple of weeks ago though.  Then I was faced with what looked like 17 essays, 8000 pages of reading,  and “how would I get all that done”. Now with a few of them behind me and realizing that they do come at a steady pace through the semester, I can see that it can be done.  I also feel myself moving away from work mode into student mode.

I do need to make sure that I don’t take on too much consulting work.  Last week a dealer, for whom I had not done anything in years, called looking for dairy support.  I went Monday and did the work, but I had already agreed to work for another dealer which had to happen on Thursday.  Neither were full days but taken together added up to too much. For next week, there is one ration to run, but no promises for farm calls.  I will answer my phone and deal with issues that way.  It may need to stay like that for a while.

Meanwhile, we will enjoy fall.


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