Back in School

I’ve made it through the second week of classes.

Not that that is such an accomplishment in itself, but, I now really realize how much work this is going to be.

I only go to class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Tuesday starts with Church History 1 100-1400.  We cover about a century in every class and are assigned about 200 pages of reading a week.  There are four assignments to be researched and written.  After lunch I go to Reading the Bible Text and Context.  This course takes the place of the Greek and/or Hebrew that was previously a requirement for the MDiv program.  The prof is passionate about the need for languages, so he has started the class by trying to teach us rudimentary Greek.  He also does surprise quizes to force students to do the weekly readings.

At 5:00 on Tuesdays is Inshallah, the global song choir. I am taking a course on Global song which has as one of its requirements, membership in the choir. After a couple of practices, I think I would want to be part of the group anyway.  The course is a half credit over two semesters so there are only three actual classes outside choir practice.  There are readings again and a couple of research papers.

The day ends with Intro Theology.  Tonnes of reading.  The assignments are 1000-1200 word papers.  These are a little easier because they do not require research and references.  They are more introspective pieces on our own personal beliefs. Again there is a lot of reading.

I get home sometime after 11pm

Wednesday, I go back in the afternoon for one class on congregational education.  This one is a small class with lots of class discussion. The assignments revolve around a childrens story presented in a church service and an adult Bible study.  This one has a fair bit of reading as well.  It is fitting in well with some of the work that I am doing with an ad hoc education committee in the church.

I have the rest of the days to read, write, and do the odd bit of consulting.  The consulting bit seems to be settling at 10 to 16 hours a week.  Plenty for right now.

The struggle in all this may be the papers and assignments.  There seems to be so many words to write and so little time, especially since I work best under the pressure of a deadline that is just right there.


One thought on “Back in School

  1. No matter how many papers and assignments you have, they always get done. There were countless times I thought, “This time, there’s too much.” Never missed a deadline. Only ever asked for an extension once in my whole five years, and that was after being almost finished and then talking to the prof and realizing I had completely messed up.

    You’ll be good.

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