Camping, Canoeing, Portaging, Biking

It’s been a week of active vacationing. It’s been great!!

Sunday afternoon we left with two other couples (and our dog) for the almost 400 km trip to Algonquin park.  After staying in a regular campsite for the first night we headed off into the wilderness coming back out on Friday.  It rained 3 times (twice really hard and wet!!!) which comes with the territory, but you wish it could be avoided.  Only one day did we need to travel in the rain.

The trip went well.  Everyone was still getting along at the end.  We ate great camp food, played games, read books,  and had wonderful discussions around the campfire.  Being out in the bush puts you far away from the things going on in your regular life.  There is no opportunity for contact with the outside world.  Your world becomes the lake in front of you, your canoe, and your companions.

Liia on a rock after a portage

At the end of the trip, Liia had a little mishap.  As we got close to the dock, with pretty rough water on the lake, Liia misjudged the distance from the canoe to the dock.  She almost made it, with scratch marks on the dock to prove it, but down she went right under the water.  A couple of folks on the dock came to her rescue and pulled her out.  The water was about 2.5 feet below the dock so she never would have gotten herself out.  She was very quiet all the way home and the car still smells a lot like a wet dog.

We got home Friday night and were up and on the road to Grand Bend by 5:45am the next morning for the annual MS Bike tour.  We rode 86 km from Grand Bend to London on Saturday (pouring rain with a tornado warning and a nice tailwind) and returned by a different route (76km) on Sunday (sunny with a headwind).  This event gets bigger every year with 1720 participants raising $1,124,000 for Multiple Sclerosis research. We were part of a small team from our local town who had a good time together both on and off the road.  For the last 25km we put together a pace line that brought our group to the finish line together with a real feeling of team work as we pushed against a pretty strong headwind.

Part of our MS Ride team waiting to leave on Sunday Morning

We have five days at home before the beginning of our next adventure.

This summer is great!!!


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