Galactic Blast

This week was Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church.  We have been hosting a VBS program during the summer for as long as I can remember.  A couple of years ago (2007 I think) I was involved with the opening of the program each morning as sort of a mad scientist.  I would rush in at 9:00 and be gone to work related things by 9:30.  It was fun and that year my work responsibilities allowed that sort of flexibility.

While the past two summers have not allowed any of that sort of freedom, this year was wide open to explore.  I volunteered and was put into the role of Commander K, the commander of the space ship Galactic Praise.  Along with my side kick Galileo a green gorilla astronaut, I led the opening and closing, mission assignment and debriefing each day.

It was great.

We had 66 kids aged 4 to 10 participating.  Our church only has about 7 kids in that age range, so this is quite an accomplishment.  A number of the “cadets” came from neighbouring churches, but for many of them this was one of the few times that they have encountered Bible stories let alone the inside of a church.  By day 5 their response to “Our God is wonderful” (Praise God) was deafening.

Did I mention the volunteers?  This is one event that pulls our church together.  Some guests who happened to show up at the church were amazed by the number of people we were able to get out to make the program go.  It takes a lot and our little church rose to the challenge again.

Today is Sunday and we will be having a bit of VBS at church this morning.  I will dress up once more as Commander K (I am told that my costume is really starting to stink) and Galileo and I will try to round out the experience for the church and any of the cadets who are there.

I am sure that seeds were planted.  I know that these kids remember their experience at VBS. I wonder what the seeds will grow into?


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