The journey is flat, some hills ahead

The weeks of summer seem to have taken on a quiet, relaxing, even peaceful feeling.  Nothing feels high pressure.  There is no particular focus either.

It’s not that I sat around doing nothing this week.  The yard has never looked better.  The water damage to the driveway has been repaired.  About three cords of firewood is cut and stacked in the bush for the winter of 2011.  I worked a day and a half on Threefold Consulting  and got the billing and month end statements done (with J’s help).  My last elder’s meeting happened and a meeting to plan the updated web page for the church.  The camping trailer is out of storage and the broken vent repaired.  We put something over 100km on the bikes.  A potluck was attended and fireworks were enjoyed with friends.

The pressure is gone.  The finger-pointing, the demands for action plans to solve the  unsolvable , the constant push to perform and to squeeze performance out of others (or else) is happily gone from the scene.  I can revel in what I do accomplish and finish and at the end of the day be  satisfied that it was enough.

Goals are important and a certain amount of pressure in life is likely healthy.  Those will be part of life again, I am sure.  I think that when the goals are mine and the pressure comes from inside me rather than from outside sources, dealing with the pressures and reaching (or not) the goals is a lot more satisfying.

This week the academic committee at WLS dealt with my petition to switch from the MTS program to MDiv.  It was approved.  My name was quickly passed on to the Dean of Chapel.  I guess there are more responsibilities with this program than just showing up for class.  Something about worship planning and a rota.

Have I mentioned the License to Exhort?  Our denomination likes to vet on those lay preachers who preach in their pulpits to when the regular minister is away or the church is vacant.  This is done on the classis level and involves preaching on an assigned text at a classis meeting and being examined on biblical knowledge and theology in front of the meeting.  I have considered trying to go through this process for a number of years.  Now the time seemed right.  I will be examined on September 15 2010.  To date I have not been assigned a text.  This could become a source of some stress over the next couple of months.  It’s not that I am concerned about my ability to speak in front of a group of my peers, but to speak in front of a group of 20 ministers who are listening critically, looking for miss steps is something else.

Likely more about that topic as the day gets closer.

The journey right now is a little flat, but I can see a few hills coming.


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