A Redefinition of Direction

This blog started out as the story of my journey through seminary.  It has changed somewhat over the 11 months that it has been around to be about that, as well as the rest of life that is all part of the journey.  A journey it has been.

A year ago I decided to put my toe in the water to see if going back to school was something that I could/should do.  I had felt something of a calling to deepen my knowledge of God, salvation, theology, so I chose to go to a seminary.  Since at that point, I did not feel a strong call to pastoral ministry (although some feel that is the direction I should go) and since I was working full-time, I decided to enroll in a Master of Theological Studies program which required 16 credits rather than the longer MDiv program.

I had no real goal for this education other than to broaden my knowledge and understanding.  Most of the students in the MTS program at WLS are taking the counseling concentration for which this school is known.  I don’t see myself as ending up as a counselor either, but don’t really know enough about it to make that decision.  I wondered a bit if maybe I was cheating myself by not taking the MDiv instead.

The world has changed in a year.  I have found that I can do the school work, very well in fact, and that I enjoy it.  I have quit my full-time job and started a part-time consulting company, so that going to school closer to full-time is now an option.

On top of all that, WLS has changed their MDiv program.  Gone is the requirement for languages (Hebrew of Greek).  Gone also is the requirement that endorsement from the denominational candidacy committee was required for acceptance to the program (not sure the CRC would have provided that).  They have also introduced a non-contextual MDiv which allows you to get the degree without the internship or the 12 weeks of SPE (Supervised Pastoral Education).  These last two are likely good things which could be added back in at a later date.

Long story short…I looks like I will transfer to the MDiv program in the fall and I will continue my wandering journey.

Someone said the other day, in an entirely different context, “It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination”


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