Farewells are a funny thing…especially when you are not really leaving.

Yesterday, a number of folks got together to put on a farewell event for me at the plant that I have worked most closely with over the years.    The event morphed a little over the weeks from the time the idea was conceived to the day it happened.  These folks wanted to make some fuss about the change in my life after working with them for ten years, head office wanted as little fuss made as possible so that they would not need to face the fact that change is coming.

It was a nice time.  The barbecue came out with burgers, sausage, and hot dogs.  Someone went to the trouble of having a cake made.  Most of the guys who reported to me over the years came out as well as a number of the dealers that I worked with.

Those close reports put together a really nice going away gift as well.  It was all about the upcoming bike trip with a big tube of A535, Advil, bandages, and gift certificates for food and bike repairs.  It was great.  To them, I am really leaving. My new consulting role, while having some interaction with them, will not be on the same day-to-day, you can do it, level.

I will miss them.

Two more days before change really happens.


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