Victoria Day Tour

Good Old Queen Victoria!!! Because of her we had a day off today.  A Statutory Holiday.

J decided that a training run for our upcoming bike tours was in order.  The day was hot (28 degrees C), the wind was light from the south, and the sun was shining hard.  We were on the road before 10 and went south so that we could start the trip into the wind.

Stats: Distance;  102km, Average speed: 20.48km/hr. Top Speed: 48km/hr

Our lunch stop was  at the Varna Cafe.  The woman running the place had just called her boss to see if she could shut down and go home.  Even though there was a lot of traffic going through Varna, none was stopping.  At one o’clock we were her 2nd customer of the day.  She makes a really good egg salad sandwich!!!

We arrived home hot,  and a little burnt.  It was one of those days that really points out how carefully you apply sun screen.  J has a burnt ring around the top of her arm just next to the cuff of her cycling jersey.  I entirely missed the back of one leg.

We were surprised that we saw very few others out on their bikes, but every Harley in the country was out today. 🙂

The bikes were not fully loaded, but this run shows us that we can likely aim for 100km days as long as we take our time. The next long run on the touring bikes will likely be our June trip to Pelee Island.


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