The Calm…..

After nearly ten years of frenzied activity, I can see the end and feel a bit of the calm.  Yesterday was pretty busy with four hours of driving to an all day meeting.  This is a meeting at which I normally would have made a presentation to launch a promotion or discuss a new sales strategy.  This time I built the presentation during the meeting and someone else presented it.  I usually add crowd pleasing pictures like this one, but, he did not want any of that.  It’s just not him (or most of the rest of the company for that matter). So I made it to match him.

Today is the Friday before a long weekend with only five days of full-time employment remaining.  I have a bunch of jobs to do and will try to get a few things off the list, but the frenzy seems to be gone.

I am moving to the sidelines watching the river run by and only swimming in it when I want to.

One of the fellows that reported to me gave me a book yesterday about Sabbath rest.  He and I have shared our Christian walk a little bit over the years.  The book has me thinking about priorities…mine or His.

Back to that same question about calling.  I’ll think about it while things are quiet.


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