Liia Meets a Bus

Today, Liia met a bus, in a bad way.

Liia is our Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is allowed free range outside, but rarely goes more than 50 yards from the house and never goes to the road. Something was different today.  Maybe it was the neighbour’s cat or one of the cottontails that have been seen on the lawn. Whatever it was, Liia found herself on the road in front of a school bus and then under it.  We only know this because one of the students on the bus called her mom so that she could let us know.

J, knew something was wrong because she heard Liia yelping. She found her lying part way up the driveway.  Liia has had some issues with a slipping tendon that causes her some pain, so that was assumed to be the cause of the problem. There was no thought given to a possible incident on the road and the dog made her own way slowly to the house.

The call from our young friend’s mother changed that and a trip was made to the vet.  $350 later Liia was declared very lucky. She was sent home with antibiotics, pain killers, and instructions not to over exert herself for a few days. She is following those instructions to a T.

It could have been a very bad day.


One thought on “Liia Meets a Bus

  1. Glad she is okay, that she is home, and that your bill is a lot smaller than ours was one year ago March. Doglessness is still suiting us right now.

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