1st Saturday Ride

It’s May 1 and the beginning of our regular Saturday morning rides.  We ride with a loosely organized group from the town nearby.

This is the group that actually got us into  road biking.  J got to know these folks through her work at the gym and convinced me that some exercise would likely do me good.  I went out and bought a used bike and the members of the group were good enough to take a newbie along.  That was two seasons ago.  Since then J has also bought a bike and I have upgraded mine.   We get exercise and a good bit of fun and friendship.

Today’s ride was the first for the season and the weather was threatening.  There were some puddles on our way in to town and the clouds to the west were worrisome, but we decided to do a 40km loop and hope for the best.  We lost about 15 minutes when J got a flat tire.  About 10km from the end the sky opened up and the wind really picked up.  We ended up sheltering in a Mennonite fruit stand that was closed for the season and finally called for a ride back to our vehicles.

We arrived home cold and wet, but not discouraged.


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