A Bit Melancholy

Today was my last day as a business manager and the first, I guess, as a ruminant consultant.  I will continue working full time in that role till June 1.  Most of the month of June will be holidays except for a bit of essential nutrition work.  After that I will start working through my new consulting company, Threefold Consulting.

This last day was a bit of a sad one, a realization that things are going to be different.  This morning I was the supervisor for 10 ruminant specialists across the province.  Last week these guys had no idea that their boss was leading a double life as both their manager and a seminarian.  Today they have a new leader, they are concerned about their future, they are trying to figure out what happened.

My boss said lots of nice things about my past contributions and about his hopes for my continued involvement with the company in the future, but, at the end of the day, I left the meeting alone and left a big chunk of what was my identity behind.  There is lots to do, in fact there is too much for the amount of time that I will have once classes start again, but the thing that I have done for the past five and one half years is over.  For now I am done leading a team of people.

I’m not sure yet what I will do on Monday.


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