Change is in the Wind

Today,  I let my bosses know, in a nice way, that I was quitting.

This meeting happened about a month before I had meant it to, because, there was going to be a structural change announced that would change my role in a big way.  I felt that  letting upper management spend a lot of time moving people around, only to mess the whole thing up in a month was unfair, so I dropped the bomb today.  It also allowed me to move with the company flow and run it a bit in my direction.

I will continue to work full-time till the first of June, which was my original intention.  They really don’t want me to leave.  After that I will take the five weeks of holidays owed to me and terminate my full-time employment.  I will start a new consulting business doing the things I do best, training, teaching, speaking, trouble shooting, nutrition and marketing for my current employer on my terms,  with my schedule.   This will allow me to increase my course load in the fall and do a bunch of things that I want to do.

They were a little shocked and actually seemed to fall all over themselves to make this contract concept work.  We will see how well it goes.  There is lots to do, I could likely make a full-time job out of it if I wanted.  I think there are a number of people who will make sure that does not happen.

It seemed too easy….as if  “someone” was at the controls.


2 thoughts on “Change is in the Wind

  1. Doing the part of the job that you enjoy doing and telling the company to forget the rest. And they still want you around even though you let them know you didn’t want to work for them. Good for you!

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