Figuring out about Calling

Discerning a “calling” is not an easy task.  A number of years ago I prepared and delivered a message to our annual youth service on the topic of discovering what God’s direction for your life was.  It’s easy to talk about examining yourself, listing your gifts,  listening to those around you,  talking with trusted Godly advisors, and all the other tools that are available to you…it’s more difficult to put those things into action and move out of what you know and find comfortable to a new unknown.

The whole calling thing has left me with more questions than answers.  Is it possible to be called to something that you don’t now recognize.? Lots of folks seem to think that I should head down the road of parish ministry.  I do have gifts in that area, but, is that the direction that I am pointed because folks know and recognize that role or because that is really the way that I am meant to travel.  Are the gifts that I have really meant for another role that I and those around me are not now familiar with?

Depending how things go at head office tomorrow, I may have a clearer picture of the future anyway.  More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Figuring out about Calling

  1. “Calling” – yes, it’s somewhat mysterious. But I also believe that God doesn’t usually give us one and only one option (though that would be simpler!). You will have choices – the key is to be obedient and faithful after you make those choices. Having said that, if God DOES have a specific path for you—- you’d better follow it!!!

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