Bike Excitement

So…yesterday we picked up our new bikes.

It was exciting.  They are beautiful bikes.  It seems a little sentimental, but, we got a matched set,  small for J and bigger one for me.  I cut out of work a little early to get the bikes and we ended up with enough time to run them about a kilometer up the road and back before we had to rush through supper so that I could get to a youth event.

When I arrived home tonight, J’s bike was not in the shed.  It was gone.  There were no obvious tracks and she had been home for a good part of the day and had not seen anyone come into the drive way.  It was a sickening feeling to know that something so new was gone.  It was odd that nothing else had been taken.  There were three other bikes there as well and while this one was new, it was not the most expensive.

Our place is quite isolated and only one neighbour can actually see our house.  We called them to find out if they had seen anything.  They hadn’t.  We called the next nearest neighbour with the same question and got the same answer.  We then called the police.  They took the usual information and said that a car would be dispatched.

So we waited.  Supper did not seem too appealing.  It was really kind of depressing.

A black vehicle came up the driveway.  We thought it was the police but it turned out to be the neighbour from further up the road (I had called them) and her special needs son.  He is likely about 25 years old and had gone for a walk on his own today.  That walk had brought him to our shed where (“I did wrong” 😦  ) he decided that riding would be better than walking.  He got partway back, changed his mind and left the bike in the ditch.  She was mortified, we were understanding and very happy to see the bike back, a little muddy but undamaged.

We cancelled the police and were able to enjoy supper.


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