The Bike is Sold!!!

Those of you who follow this blog know that I had a bike for sale that attracted the attention of a scammer.  Yesterday I sold that bike thanks to Kijiji.

This was my first road bike.  I bought it on Kijiji in 2008 from a fellow who had purchased it new in late 2007, ridden it a few times and decided to leave it behind when he moved to Brazil.  Since he was giving up biking or wanted to travel light, he threw in the helmet and gloves.   It served me well as an intro bike.

That same year we bought J a road bike as well.  Her’s was new and after a couple of test rides at the bike shop she settled on a Trek 2.1 which had considerably better components than the Fuji  Newest 3.0 that I was riding.  It just wasn’t right, so… in 2009 I found a Cannondale R6 again on Kijiji which had been lightly used and priced right.  This bike has better components than the 2.1 and was about 3 lbs lighter than the Fuji.  I was able to swap the seat from the Fuji to make the ride a little more comfortable.

After being advertised for about three weeks a gentleman drove from Cambridge with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law to see the bike.  He was buying his first modern road bike and had done enough research to know that this bike was a good deal compared to buying a new bike.  In the end he took it, paid me $50 more than I gave for the package originally and left with a smile on his face.

I get a little buzz from deals like this.  I need to find something else to sell.


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