Good Bye to the Old Testament

Last night I finished TH500B, the Literature and History of the Old Testament.  Looks like I should have an A+ on this one.

I’ve learned a lot.  The prof, as you have read in previous posts,  is passionate about his subject.  As a working parish pastor, he brings a congregational slant to the class room which makes his lectures practical.  He continually ties the lessons of the Old Testament to the gospel of the New, showing God’s plan moving through the ages.

The struggles of last fall, getting my head around myth and prehistory, are mostly reconciled.  Understanding where the authors are coming from, their perspective in history has helped to clarify the meaning of these passages.  Perspective and place in history is reflected in all of the writings and in those writings that we do today.  It’s all about the message that is being conveyed, the actions that were expected of the listener.

I’m taking the summer off.  There are no courses that will fit my schedule during the summer that I need to be taking.  I hope to take 3.5 credits in the fall semester, maybe all on Tuesdays.  I don’t need to cross that bridge yet, but I do want to accelerate this process going forward.

One of my first posts was about Hadrian’s Wall and how this adventure was a little like the building of that wall or any other large project.  I do have a piece of this wall built,  but, it sure feels like there is a lot of building yet to do, and I am still not quite sure if I am building the right wall.

It’s still exciting though.


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