Bike Tour Prep

A Bike tour has been mentioned on this blog in the past.  Today it got a little closer to reality with the purchase of two Opus Legato touring bikes!  We are now committed…

Last week we went to the bike show in  T.O.  to look at bikes.  Earlier this week we contacted our local dealer and found out that he had a special on to the end of this week in which he would pay the tax (13%).  That got us moving.  The next part of the deal was that with the purchase of two bikes he actually gives a 10% discount on the second bike.   Total savings add up to nearly $500, so we did it.

The saving was big enough that it didn’t make sense to drive another 50 miles to look at a good used one that we found on Kijiji.

The bikes should be in the store before the end of the month.

So…next steps are to fit the bikes out with pannier bags, work the maps, check out and add to the equipment, and ride.

Lets hope for good weather.


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